Tray Packs. Individually Hand Slaughtered ZABIHA Halal Chicken. From birth in the scenic Amish countryside, NEMA's All Natural Chickens are raised without the use of any antibiotics, growth stimulants, pesticides, or hormones. The most important part of raising chicken is its feed. Most of the chicken sold in the market raised with feed that contains animal by-products, a mostly fat protein obtained from swine. Our chickens are fed only with a vegetarian diet and raised over eight weeks in a natural environment that allows them to roam freely in wide-open spaces.


Barcode: 881428000533
Net Weight*: Package weight will vary.
Packages/Box*: Number of packages will vary.
Boxes/Pallet: 50
Box Size: 23 x 15 ½ x 6 ½
Storage Conditions: Keep frozen at 0°F (-18°C)
Packaging Details: Vacuum Pack